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On Friday 10th July at 14:00 BST, Maria Hvorostovsky will be joined by

Ben Gould - Global Strategic Partnerships Manager, Workplace from Facebook

Thomas Bucaille - Chief People Officer and CSR Leader, Petit Bateau

Dr. Brennan Jacoby - Philosopher & Founder, Philosophy At Work

We will talk about how the world of work is changing as a result of the pandemic. And explore how to embrace virtual working and ensure teams work well together when they are not together. 

We will also question what virtual working means to office culture and discuss some of the issues from Brennan's recent report 'The Virtues of Virtual' including:


  • Managing trust across virtual stakeholder relationships

  • Helping teams own the virtual employee experience 

  •  How to think well about accountability when work is carried out remotely

Our Panel
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Dr Brennan Jacoby
Thomas Bucaille
Ben Gould

Dr. Brennan Jacoby is the founder of Philosophy at Work. He holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D in philosophy, and his doctoral work analysed trust in the context of interpersonal relationships and corporate character.


Brennan has spent the last 6 years helping businesses address their most important issues and has recently written a report on The Virtues of Virtual.


The report unpacks key ingredients for organisational culture in the new professional landscape. 

Thomas Bucaille has held senior roles in business and HR for the last 20 years. He's worked for international companies, across multiple countries.


He is currently Chief People Officer and CSR Leader at Petit Bateau, the famous French childrenswear brand, since 2018.

Previously he was SVP Human Resources at Ralph Lauren where he focused on employee engagement and building leadership cohesion during a tumultuous time of rapid change, reorganisation and cost cutting for the company.

Ben is the Head of the Connected Executive Program at Workplace from Facebook, a global leadership development program enabling CEOs seeking to humanise leadership and foster the power of connection at work.

Ben previously led the Business Influencer Program at Facebook which focused on coaching global business leaders and notable public figures on how to leverage Facebook and Instagram as a leadership
communications platform. 

HVO Search Live - The Virtues of Virtual
10th July 14:00 BST
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