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Why Your C-Suite Is So Last Season

On a hamster wheel of replacing like-for-like Senior Executives?

Stop. Take a look around. Here’s what your competitors are doing…

The Problem: C-Suite Roles & Responsibilities No Longer Fit for Purpose

Changing shopping habits and an uncertain economy are pushing brands to reinvent themselves to sustain revenue growth.

There is unprecedented pressure to be more agile and fast-moving, with disruptive brands forcing heritage brands to come up with new business strategies and models.

In my opinion, too many CEOs and other C-suite executives have been made scapegoats this year for their failure to secure sufficient returns for shareholders in time frames agreed in a very different market.

While replacing or strengthening a Senior Executive can bring quick wins, a more fundamental review of C-suite roles and responsibilities may be greater long-term rewards.

The Solution: Evolved C-Suite Structures to Optimise Performance

There’s growing need for a wider range of skills and experience around the boardroom besides the usual suspects.

Here are some of the C-suite roles we’ve seen more of this year that have set a new benchmark:

  1. From Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to Chief Content Officer (CCO) (contact us for our report on this)

  2. Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

  3. Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

  4. Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

  5. Chief Culture Officer (CCO)

  6. Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

  7. Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

  8. Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

  9. Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

  10. Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

The responsibilities for existing roles are also evolving e.g. CEOs embracing more customer-centric leadership and CFOs taking a longer term view of in-house tech and digital.

To find out more about these roles and other key trends impacting the C-suite, read our recent interview with Drapers on out what makes the ‘perfect’ leadership team or email us at

Putting It All Together

To find out more about the most current C-suite roles, skills, team and collaborative working practices, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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