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Why This Beauty Product Changed My Outlook on 2019

I am privileged in my role to meet many amazing people, creating remarkable products.

But, very occasionally, I come across something that changes my outlook not just on my own well-being – but also on where I want to take our business…

From Beauty to Skincare

Let’s face it, the shift in interest from make-up to skincare has been bubbling away for a while, as investors look for new ideas and prospects in a less saturated market. There is still the odd gem breaking onto the scene, but it’s very hard to be disruptive in make-up these days when so many options are already out there.

Consumers too, increasingly, would rather spend on skincare than make-up. With shoppers, not brands, now calling the shots and the natural make-up look still strong, consumers are seeking products that address underlying issues, rather than try to cover them up with make-up.

As we become more skin savvy, sun care, new cleansing routines and diets are given more air time than ever before as we seek to keep our skin feeling and looking good. And, let’s face it, stopping smoking, getting enough sleep, and cutting down on alcohol are likely to do more to hold back the signs of ageing than any eye-wateringly expensive night cream.

Indeed, our skin works hard to keep us healthy, and so we can return the favour by taking care of it.

Health Is Wealth

The brands we want to support in 2020 are those championing health and well-being through their beauty or skincare remedies. Ones with a more medicinal or restorative philosophy, rather than aesthetic.

They are likely to be disruptive, smaller brands entering their first growth chapter, run by creatives or naturopaths who love impacting people through their products, but are not necessarily sales, marketing, digital or management specialists, and don’t have a deep network.

One such brand (who most definitely isn’t a client and isn’t paying me to write this!!) is The Clay Cure.

Recommended to me by a friend, I tried their White Rose & Lotus deodorant balm following a breast cancer scare, and I am now evangelical about it.

This, and indeed all their products, are based on the founding principle that clay balances, detoxifies, stimulates, alkalizes and nourishes, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the skin, leave a residue or choking chemical fumes.

I love the fact that their philosophy is founded on natural ways of healing; hitherto buried under a sea of chemicals, sales targets and convenience, ultimately harming us and our environment.

What I didn’t know, as I sampled their deodorant balm, was that antiperspirants and deodorants are most definitely not the same thing. Deodorant controls odour – not sweat; while antiperspirant blocks sweat (through the use of aluminium). There has been much debate about whether or not the aluminium in antiperspirants does or doesn’t cause cancer, but I made a personal choice to take an alternative path.

By using products like this that take a genuine and natural back-to-basics approach to beauty and health, I believe this will benefit not just me personally, but also the environment and our business.

After all, who doesn't want sustainable, unique and useful products and services?

What beauty or skincare products have you tried this year that have changed your outlook? We’d love to hear from you.

Email us your thoughts.

Image by The Clay Cure

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