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Riccardo Sciutto on Uniting Heritage and Digital at Sergio Rossi

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In the second of our series on exceptional current leaders in Fashion, Beauty, Luxury and Lifestyle, we look at Riccardo Sciutto, CEO of Sergio Rossi.

We spoke with him about his journey at one of the world’s most iconic footwear brands:

“The heritage of Sergio Rossi is integral to the brand. Understanding and celebrating its history is key to stay true to the soul of the brand, its core values and the legacy of the great Sergio Rossi.”

When Riccardo joined Sergio Rossi as CEO in April 2016, he was tasked with reviving the ailing brand. In his tenure, he’s done more than boost sales and reputation, he’s reignited the brand’s passion and people's passion for the brand.

Riccardo has invited customers to learn more about Sergio Rossi’s identity and story. He created the Rossi Archive and released a holiday video, taking customers on a tour of their Italian factory. (Which happens to be the same factory Sergio Rossi built in the Italian village where he was born.)

Riccardo’s decision to share the brand’s history has protected its legacy and allowed his team to build upon it.

Sustaining heritage is just one half of Riccardo’s strategy, the other, is digital. His seamless merge of digital and tradition is another reason we’ve chosen him for this series:

“It is crucial to think innovatively and passionately about the future, be audacious and without fear of taking risks to guide a brand with as rich a history as Sergio Rossi into the modern era. And this requires investing and believing in digital.”

Previously, Riccardo has said that his motto is ‘think heritage, play digital’ and that’s exactly what has shaped his vision at Sergio Rossi. It’s a vision that balances desire for products with a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Riccardo’s focus on advancing customer experience through technology, integrated e-commerce and investing in fashion tech also meant that Sergio Rossi wasn’t as disrupted during Coronavirus.

For the future, Riccardo looks at advancing technology further into the production line and making the brand more sustainable:

“As a leader, you must have a dynamic vision and know how to be flexible, learning from the history of the brand to build your strategy, as well as being able to look towards the future and adapt your focus and priorities to the ever changing needs of the different markets”.

Riccardo has used his position to perfectly entwine Sergio Rossi’s past, present and future. He has carried Sergio’s legacy beautifully, whilst paving the way for continued innovation.

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