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How do you Hit a Career “Winning Streak”?

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Firstly, hello from me at HVO Search – it’s been a while and it’s good to be back

from maternity leave!

Secondly, while I’ve been away the rest of the team have been busy working behind

the scenes on all sorts of exciting projects I can’t wait to tell you about - but more on

that another time.

Here we examine the career “winning streak”. What is it and can you increase your

chances of a winning run of success?

What is a Career “Winning Streak”?

For a lucky few there comes a time in their careers when they seem to be on fire –

where they have maximum impact at work and everything they touch turns to gold.

New research recognises this as an identifiable phenomenon; defining it as a career

“winning streak”- a period of time in someone’s career when they perform

substantially better than their typical performance, with a recurring sequence of high

impact work over a period of months or years.

Why Should I Care?

Want to get promoted? Looking to secure a pay rise or a better job? Clearly the more

glowing your references and the more examples of success you can point to the

more desirable and potentially irreplaceable you become.

From an employers’ point of view, who doesn’t want to have a superstar working for

them, driving success?

Chance or Cunning?

Ok, so there are clearly variables you can’t control at work – your boss, colleagues,

the rubbish coffee they serve in the work canteen…

But here are 5 ways of increasing your chances of bringing your “A” game to the

table and hitting a career “winning streak”:

1. Make sure you’re in the right job at the right time

Too many of us move on before we’ve had the chance to adequately demonstrate

our full potential or stay too long in a dead-end job before jumping ship; waiting until

we’re completely demotivated before beginning a begrudging job search.

2. Actively plan and manage your career

Don’t wait for your manager to assign you the best projects, clients or tasks – put

your hand up at the right time and be transparent with your manager about your

career aspirations so they can help you get there by setting objectives that will help

you reach your full potential.

3. You’re Amazing - Shout About Your Success

How many of us are guilty of working hard and waiting for others to recognise our

achievements? Inevitability they don’t. Managers and colleagues have their own

workload and lives to be worrying about so if you don’t make your career success a

priority don’t expect anyone else to.

Firstly, make sure people understand what it is you actually do. For example, take a

few extra minutes on a conference call to explain the work that was done and

challenges faced before delivering the solution/outcome. The more others

understand what you do the less likely they are to take it for granted. This is

especially true when working with others in different locations – don’t expect them to

understand the inner workings of your local office and the amazing things you do on

a daily basis just to keep things ticking over.

Secondly, share success stories and market yourself. This doesn’t mean standing on

your desk parading a trophy saying “I’m the best”. Instead, actively network, go for

coffee with people in different teams and position yourself in such a way that people

will keep you in mind when opportunities arise.

Often, we’re so focused on moving on to the next challenge at work we and others

forget to acknowledge the great work that was done.

4. Look After Yourself to Maintain Productivity

We can stretch ourselves for short periods of time for peak productivity, but if we

spend too long out of our comfort zones our productivity takes a nose dive and it

becomes unsustainable. In order to remain productive and ensure career success

it’s essential to look after yourself both outside as well as in work.

Now or Never?

The good news is that you stand as much chance of hitting a career “winning streak”

in your 20s as in your 60s. Typically people experience just one winning streak in

their career but some lucky few appear to be able to replicate this success so there’s

everything to play for!

Have your experienced a career winning streak? How did this come about? We’d

love to hear from you.

Email us your thoughts.

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