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Calvin McDonald: Growth Innovation and Acquisition at Lululemon

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In recent years, Lululemon has become one of the leading athleisure brands and the current pandemic has only solidified their standing as the go-to brand for fashionable activewear.

When Calvin McDonald joined as CEO in August 2018, the company had already garnered loyal fans across the globe and were outpacing investor expectations at each turn.

It became McDonald’s responsibility to grow the brand further, improving customer experience and engagement in store, across digital channels and in their home.

His operational experience and track record of leading companies such as Sephora through periods of significant growth and innovation is why Glenn Murphy, Lululemon Chairman hailed him as

“the ideal match for the Lululemon brand and culture.”

And innovation, as well as community and omni-channel experience have been key in cementing Lululemon’s position at the top of the athleisure industry.

McDonald has formed a clear vision to further the company’s success and ensure they are always fulfilling their potential, moving forward and never wavering from the brand’s core principles.

Their most recent example of this is their $500 million acquisition of the MIRROR, an interactive home fitness brand.

Calvin notes that:

"Digital content is changing, and studio and trainer models for our ambassadors are changing with that… With [MIRROR], we have more opportunities online with experiences”

McDonald has taken notice of the digital trends that have shaped consumer behaviour in recent years as well as how the pandemic has impacted the way we exercise and our mindsets towards health and at-home workouts.

Even before Covid-19 began, 64% of Lululemon customers used digital workout options at home.

The deal with MIRROR has enabled Lululemon to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and elevate customer experience. The move will also help increment sales of apparel as customers of Lululemon and MIRROR replenish their wardrobe. This ensures long-term growth and brand recognition.

Not to mention the fact that the deal ensures Lululemon can maintain more frequent communications with their customers and build relationships.

We look forward to seeing how Lululemon, with Calvin at the helm, continue to push the boundaries of the athleisure industry and be on the cutting edge of innovation. Under his leadership the brand’s unique selling point has become like no other in the marketplace and the brand’s vision, direction and principles look to deliver continued success.

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