HVO Search Live

Coronavirus has taken us all by surprise and we have been trying to figure out new ways of working, doing business and connecting with our network. 

So we decided to create HVO Search Live sessions to bring together industry leaders to troubleshoot, share ideas and stay connected. 

Upcoming Events

Maria Hvorostovsky will joined by:

  • Miriam Lahage (Co-Founder, COO & Investor, Aequip)

  • Zach Duane (Independent Consultant and former CEO, Victoria Beckham)

  • Gina Kirch (Founding Partner, The Venture Collective)

  • Patrick Schneider-Sikorsky (Founder & Partner, Beast Ventures)


To discuss the new era of investment and what brands should be focusing on now. 

We'll chat about what investors want to see in brands post Covid, how brands can be seen by investors as "recession proof" and the importance of digital, diversity and sustainability going forward. ​

Past Live Events

Maria Hvorostovsky was joined by:

Sarah Curran-Usher - Managing Director EMEA, True Fit

Lucy Aylen - Founder, Neverfullydressed

Darren Rajanah - CEO, THG Ingenuity



To discuss how retailers can redefine their customer base, given an influx of potential new online shoppers. 


Maria Hvorostovsky was joined by

Ben Gould - Global Strategic Partnerships Manager, Workplace from Facebook

Thomas Bucaille - Chief People Officer and CSR Leader, Petit Bateau

Dr. Brennan Jacoby - Philosopher & Founder, Philosophy At Work

To discuss how the world of work is changing as a result of the pandemic and how to embrace virtual working and ensure teams work well together when they are not together. 

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Maria Hvorostovsky was joined by

Caroline Issa - CEO, Tank 

Lucy Yeomans - Founder, Creator & CEO, DREST

Sarah Crook - Former CEO, Dundas

Whitney Hawkings - Founder & CEO, FLOWERBX

Talking about what brand storytelling looks like now and new experiential ways of marketing. 


Our panelists in this session are:


Doug Stephens, Founder Retail Prophet and Retail Futurist

- Matthew Drinkwater Head of Innovation, London College of Fashion

- Peter Cross, Customer Experience Director John Lewis.

We discuss what will the new 'normal' in retail looks like, who will be the winners and losers and what the high street will look like in 24 months. 

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In this session HVO Search welcomes 


- Joel Palix - former CEO, Feelunique.com

Matthew Dean - SVP Digital Worldwide, Hugo Boss

- Nuno Miller - Chief Digital & Information Officer, Sonae S&F


To talk about how digital strategies are pivoting as a result of Covid-19, how companies should adapt to changing customer behaviour and opportunities in e-commerce. 

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In our first live conversation, our Founder & CEO Maria Hvorostovsky is joined by: 

- Jean-Denis Mariani, Chief Digital Officer, Guerlain (LVMH Group) 


to discuss the impact the pandemic crisis will have on e-commerce and answers questions such as:

Will e-commerce save the day?

How does marketing need to adapt to the 'new normal'?

How will consumer behaviour be shaped by the work from home culture?

What new skills do companies need right now - or need more of in the current climate?