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First Hires / First Fires Event for Start-Ups

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you are feeling refreshed and re-energised for 2016.  I know we have been a little quiet, but that has been a good thing. We have been working on how to have the most impactful start. 

So in the spirit of new beginnings I am very proud to be a part of WIN League's First Hires / First Fires event next month on Thursday 11th February 2016.

This event is for entrepreneurs and start-ups who are building their first teams.

It aims to teach you how to master the twin arts of hiring and firing, from attracting diverse talent and hiring your first 10 employees, through understanding the economics of building a team, to determining when to let some employees go. 

I will be speaking at the event, and would like to offer you an exclusive 10% discount - at the checkout please use code HVO10

It promises to be a great day, featuring many fantastic speakers including: 

  • Matt Buckland - Head of Talent at Lyst

  • Roberta Lucca - Founder of WonderLuk and Bossa Studios

  • David Norris - Partner at Forward Partners

  • Lynne Murray - co-Founder of Holition & Director Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion

  • Malcom West - co-Founder of Find'm

I really hope to see many of you there!

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