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Anatomy of a Leader

Are you looking for inspiration? Want to learn from your role models and peers? Want to feel like you are not alone in the mistakes and failures you've made in your business?


Join our Founder Maria Hvorostovsky in Anatomy of a Leader podcast talking with entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, investors, authors, leaders from all walks of life.

Here you will discover what makes a great leader; the skills they have, what drives them and what it takes to get to the very top. 

Watch the episodes below. You can also listen on all major listening platforms including Apple and Spotify. 

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#5 On Wearing Confidence w/Lucy Aylen

Maria chats with Lucy Aylen, Founder of Never Fully Dressed about her leadership journey from market trader to running a thriving, in-demand womenswear business. 

"We still keep our ethos that confidence is the best thing a woman can wear."

#4 On Personal Growth w/ Sarah Curran-Usher

In this episode, Maria interviews Sarah Curran-Usher, MBE - MD EMEA, True Fit.

"It's the negative experiences - if you take the lessons from them, that drive personal growth."

#3 On Outsmarting Obstacles w/ Sherrille Riley

In this episode, Maria interviews Sherrille Riley, Founder and CEO of Nails & Brows Mayfair

"When you're setting up a business, you have a million obstacles to overcome. So the last thing you need is somebody trying to hold you back.

#2 On Entrepreneurial Patience w/ Jessica Blackler

In this episode, Maria interviews Jessica Blackler, Founder of Jecca Blac cosmetics.

Maria asks Jessica about times when she has been overlooked because of her young age.   

They also discuss the inspiration behind her beauty brand and how to have structure and routine as a creative.    

#1 On Toughest Shareholders w/ Peter Williams


In this episode, Maria interviews Peter Williams, Chairman of Superdry and Sophia Webster and former CEO of Selfridges

"You have to be very clear as a chair that you're their to run the board not the business. The situations that can occur where it's not clear who's doing what is quite dangerous for the business and value creation within the business."

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